2021 is on!

Digital Trends 2021

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2021 is on! We took this as an opportunity to take a look around the world of UI-UX design and tried to filter out which trends will emerge this year.

The result: the eight trends that we'll be seeing on screen more often this year:

1. these are the (Pantone) colors of the year 2021!

Pantone colours of the year 2021

The color motto for our current year is, "There's a light at the end of the tunnel!" Now that has a nice ring to it. Contrary to all expectations that had predicted a shade of blue, Pantone has launched a fresh yellow and a solid gray as the colors of 2021: 

PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray and PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating

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Together, the solid Ultimate Gray and the radiant Illuminating convey a positive message of inner strength. Practical and robust, yet also warming and optimistic - this is a colour combination for hope and resilience. Strength and confidence are nourishment for the human soul.
Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Colour Institute
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2. storytelling through animation replaces many words

Adobe XD features

Show - don't tell. The problem is old - the approach is new: Too much text is not read well on the web. Images work much better and it is even more exciting when the user scrolls or clicks through a story. Emotions are conveyed, curiosity is aroused, the message gets across.

A fine example of this:

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3. semi-transparent glass look paired with soft colour gradients

Glassmorphism lettering with semitrasnparent surface in front of it

Background blur became a trend back in 2013 with the look of IOS 7. It was well received by users back then and now Windows and Mac OS have picked up this look again in their current operating systems. In 2021, the so-called "glass morphism" paired with rich colors and soft gradients should also spill over into the UI-UX world.

Our tip: Less is more. You should not overdo it with the semi-transparent elements.

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4. user involvement through interactive questionnaires

Interactive questionnaire

Interaction is more powerful than being overcharged. Ask the user a question, get him on board through interaction. Spiced with a pinch of humor, this approach can arouse sympathy and curiosity. An additional plus - the technical implementation of such a solution can be quite simple.

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5. reduced editorial style on the web

If you take a look at from time to time, it's hard not to notice that reduced editorial style is becoming increasingly popular. Whether agencies, products or blogs - anyone who is hip likes to present themselves in editorial style. It also works in bright colors, the fonts are businesslike - similar to the classics Helvetica or Futura. The content extends to the edge of the browser, which accommodates the display on mobile devices.

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6. 3D - What else?


New or not, that's debatable. Nevertheless, you simply can't leave out 3D in a best-of list for 2021. Elaborate 3D videos and interactive tours created in conjunction with WebGL are too omnipresent. Increasing bandwidths for internet access create room for elaborate solutions. We like it.

A new feature of Adobe XD could fuel the 3D boom in UI design even further. With "3D Transformations" you can rotate or move objects in space, creating the impression of spatial depth. Adobe promises design through an intuitive tool that lets you "immerse" yourself in the project. We can't wait to try it out for ourselves.

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7. authenticity - also in the world of images


In a world that is becoming more and more digital at a rapid pace, in which people see each other more and more often only see each other on the screen, it also becomes much more important to be authentic. That's right - authenticity is the key to being likeable. Just as close-ups of cosmetics manufacturers now also reveal skin pores and wrinkles, care should also be taken to ensure that the images do not appear embellished in business portraits and employee shootings. Courage for authenticity is the order of the day.

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8. what's new in the world of fonts?

Gohper Font

The use of fonts is still strongly linked to the respective brand or theme. theme. Nevertheless, there is a new font trend. So-called "ink trap fonts". These fonts originally come from the print world and were developed with ink traps so that they can be printed very small. All the more curious that they are now all the rage in the world of the web.

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So much for digital trends in 2021.

We are inspired and hope you feel the same way.

Julia Krennhuber Gomes
Published 19.01.2021
Written by:
Julia Krennhuber Gomes

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