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In order to simplify the conception of many web projects and to get our customers on board right from the start, we have developed a unique workshop format in recent years. Within three hours we jointly define the most important key data for the content and the communication strategy for your website.

We start by finding out what problem you are solving and who you are doing it for. By asking the right questions, we can make informed and creative decisions together that will have a long-term positive impact on your business.

Often it is not clear from the beginning for whom the website is actually created and what content this target group is looking for. We focus on bringing the three most important perspectives - client, user, search engines - under one roof and work out the relevant part for the website.

graphic content requirement for a website

Then we go under the surface. Everything that happens in the non-visible area of the iceberg is explored together in this step.

Iceberg Illustration

What your users (and the search engines) want to know in the first instance is the answer to a question:

Which problem do you solve?

The entire content plan is based on this question - as the central message. We create it for the three most important target groups for which your services and products are interesting. Together we define the communication strategy, the required content and the corresponding functions. The summary of the strategy obtained is then visualized at the end of the workshop: Together we scribble down the basic structure of the start page and the most important sub-pages.


Over a cup of coffee we would be happy to tell you more about the possibilities of an online strategy workshop. We are looking forward to hearing from you and to finding out soon which problem you are solving with your product / service.

Susanne Trhal
Published on 24.04.2020
Written by:
Susanne Trhal

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