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In October 2020, Google Analytics 4 was launched. Every new website that you want to track with Google Analytics will automatically be displayed in the GA4 view. Existing websites have to be converted once to get the new view. Among other things, Google reacts to the technical changes around data protection and ensures a high future viability, since tracking is also possible without cookies. GA4 is not yet "finished" - it is constantly being developed further. Nevertheless, experts agree that it makes sense to get to grips with it now and start collecting data with GA4. Because, and this is fixed: GA4 is here to stay.

The main innovations of GA4 compared to Universal Analytics properties are that the measurement of interaction is no longer limited to a page view.but also events like scrolls or clicks on external links are measured. The data obtained is presented much better in the new analytics module. In summary, the focus is now more on the user than on the session.

How to convert your website to Google Analytics 4

So you get into your existing Google Analytics account analytics Click on "Administration" at the bottom left and then on "Create Property".

Google Analytics Dashboard


Enter a name for your property and click "Next". Fill out the rest of the form and indicate in step 3 that it is a data stream of type "Web", followed by the URL input and the name of the stream. After that, you will receive the tracking code that needs to be replaced on your page.

Create GA4 Property

Select whether the code should be embedded directly or via the Google Tag Manager and click on the text. Below that, the window with the embed code opens, which you can now pass on to your web developer.

Here you will find the tag
GA4 Day

The embed code can also always be found in the menu item "Data streams".

Find tag
Separation line symbol

The first step is done. In one of our next articles, we will summarize the benefits of the new data views and explain the most important measurement points.

Julia Krennhuber Gomes
Published 11.03.2021
Written by:
Julia Krennhuber Gomes

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