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design thinking

Design Thinking: Fashion, hype or recipe

Especially in times when everything is upside down, many a company reinvents itself. Thinking like a designer helps managers to find new ways. And vice versa!

Photo of the home office of Team sisu

How Team sisu works despite Corona

In this article we present the most important tools that make our decentralized way of working possible. We report on the advantages and disadvantages, and where, in our view, improvements are still possible.

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Online strategy - the workshop with depth

Which problem do you want to solve with your website? And for whom do you actually need it? It's worth asking these and a few other questions before getting involved in an online project.

Doris Buchinger

New agency management at Team sisu

For Team sisu there was an novelty in January. Our managing director Susanne Trhal enlisted the support of agency manager Doris Buchinger, MSc. We introduce our first female officer.

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Online Shop Checklist

This checklist helps to find out which key data have to be considered and serves as a preparation for an optimal offer or a common first meeting.

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Website Checklist

This checklist helps to find out which key data have to be considered and serves as a preparation for an optimal offer or a common first meeting.

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Sustainability in the office - an analysis.

We asked ourselves what our everyday office life can contribute to the topic of sustainability. First of all, we took a tour of the office and divided the "sustainability project" into rooms: kitchen, toilet, workspace, meeting room ...

How to use WordPress correctly also makes sense in the business area.

Originally created as a blog system and grown to a full-fledged CMS in the last years: Since 2015 WordPress is our CMS of choice for content-heavy websites. However, the way to be able to use WordPress professionally and securely in the business sector was not automatic.

Why we like working with Contao so much

Since 2008, we have been using Contao as our CMS of choice for large and multilingual projects. In this article, we have summarized why we have specialized on Contao, what advantages it has over WordPress and why it is a real alternative to TYPO3.

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Stay curious and the future is yours.

With many expectations in our luggage we travelled to the FifteenSeconds Festival in Graz last Thursday.

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Content First or the chicken and egg problem.

No matter if online shop or company presentation: the content decides on the success of a website. Only in the second step is it the task of the design to reinforce the previously defined statement.

Different people listen to lecture

I'm not stupid, I'm just different - PCM Workshop

True to the motto "I'm not stupid, I just tick differently", we held an impressive one-day workshop on the subject of PCM - Process Communication Model under the direction of Gerald Wahl from brandzwo.

I want to get to know you.